The Isutami Solutions Team is very strict in quality management, focusing on quality control throughout the whole product supply chain. In the production, our senior technical engineers and quality inspection experts work with the factory’s technical and QC teams to find, analyze, and resolve any appeared problems by professional testing equipment for bearing products, it can ensure the quality is fully meet the required standards before delivery. Also in the warehousing and logistics process, standardized management and operation are carried out to ensure accurate shipment.

Automatic Manufacturing

Processing Workshop

The Isutami Partner Factories have professional automatic production lines, including grinding workshop, heat treatment workshop, cleaning workshop, dust-free assembly workshop, etc. The workshops are equipped with experienced staff to operate and manage machines. These high-precision manufacturing machines work stably and can produce products with stable quality.

Test Center

Test Center

The Isutami Partner Factories have test centers and are equipped with a complete range of advanced testing equipment for bearing products. The professional QC teams inspect the products on the production line at set intervals. Based on the inspection results, the engineer teams can research new solutions and actively improve the product to improve the performance of the product, as well as reduce the costs.

QC Inspector

QC Team

The Isutami Partner Factories have professional QC teams, which are in charge of quality inspection during the whole production, including IQC, IPQC, FQC. The inspectors provide a 100% guarantee for good quality before delivery.

Technical Engineer team

Technical Team

Isutami Factories have professional technical engineer teams, which can deal with process problems and quality problems in any production process, and provide a 100% technical guarantee for good quality before delivery.

Bearing Warehouse


The Isutami Partner Factories have large warehouses, including raw material warehouses, packaging warehouses, and finished product warehouses. Each warehouse is equipped with machines such as trailers and balers, operated by experienced staff. The managers handle the products through electronic systems, and check inventory regularly, notify the results to relevant management personnel in time. These steps can keep the stock under good control.



Test Center




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CMCA Certificate

CBIA Member

CBIA Member Certificate