The members from Isutami Solutions Team have long been engaged in production, sales or technical service in the bearing industry. All of us are familiar with the development and supply processes for most types of bearing products. With a certain amount of work accumulation, we have enough ability to provide specific services, such as bearing designing, prototyping and mass production for global OEM customers.

We can supply suitable bearing products for customers to choose, both the standard and customized models, based on the application environment, service life, and space requirement. According to the customer’s ideal expectations, we comprehensively consider the bearing size, appearance and structure, materials and lubricant, accuracy and tolerance, load rating, torque, etc., finally give the optimal solution. If the product requires special customization, we will quickly design the drawings and confirm. After receiving the customer’s approval, we use the strong bearing supply chain to select the most suitable partner factories, and supervise the entire production process to ensure that the quality of each product meets required standards. In addition, if the customer has a factory inspection request, we will actively cooperate until the factory obtains the relevant certification.

Before shipment, we will conduct final product inspection based on a series of technical specifications and other requirements from customers, or we can help to do a third-party inspection. All we strive for is to ensure the good product quality.

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