Case 1: CNC Machine Projects


Most original equipment manufacturers of CNC machinery pay particular attention to the working accuracy, load carrying capacity and service life. We provide essential parts for such machines, including linear bearings, linear bearing blocks, linear guide rails, etc. Generally, the linear motion bearings applied in CNC machine production are mainly of standard specifications. And they are easily replaced when there is an installation or maintenance, such as metric LM and KB series, and SW imperial series. If the machine needs higher performance bearings, we are willing to recommend the super-adjustable types: SLM, SKB and SSW series. Linear bearing block, metric SMA, KBA, KBB series and imperial SWB, SWD series are also usually applied to manufacture the CNC machines. Besides, linear guides, as one of the essential key components for CNC machines, are also widely used, such as square linear guide rail HLH series, round linear guide SBR series, etc. For more information, you can download the Catalogue to review. Your RFQ is welcome 24/7.

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