pillow block bearings

Pillow block bearing is a bearing unit that combines insert bearing with housing, it is also called mounted bearing or mounted bearing unit. Most insert bearings are made with a spherical outer diameter and are installed in the bearing housings. They have various structural forms, good versatility and interchangeability. And this type of bearing unit also has a self-aligning function in the design, which can be replenished with grease and easy to install and use. It has a double structure sealing device, which can work in harsh environments.

Bearing housings of pillow block bearings are usually made of grey cast iron. However, various grades of metals can be used to manufacture the same, including ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, and various types of thermoplastics and polyethylene-based plastics. The bearing elements may be manufactured from 52100 chrome bearing steel, stainless steel, plastic. Usually, the bearing housing can be with a flange, and may be either split type or solid type. Split type housings are usually two-piece housings where the cap and base may be detached, while others may be single-piece housings. In general, one-piece bearing units are more common, such bearing housing base can be divided into solid and hollow types. The pillow block bearing differs from “plummer block”, which is a bearing housing without any insert bearing inside it and commonly meant for higher load ratings and a separately installed bearing.

Pillow block bearings come with a variety of shaft locking options, including set screw, eccentric locking collar, concentric locking collar and adapter. Set screw units usually have two set screws 120° apart in the inner ring. The two seal types available are dust shielded and regular seals. Flange configurations are utilized in applications in which the shaft is perpendicular to the surface. Mounted bearings have the performance of light, medium and heavy loading capacity. They are widely used in light industry or heavy industry, including agricultural machinery, construction machinery, textile machinery, food processing machinery and conveyor systems.

According to the shape of bearing housings,

pillow block bearings can be divided into:

Cylindrical cartridge units
Take up units
Hanger units
Adjustable flange units
2-bolt pillow blocks
2-bolt tapped base pillow blocks
2-bolt high center height pillow blocks
2-bolt flange units
3-bolt flange units
3-bolt flange bracket units
4-bolt Square flange units
4-bolt round flange cartridge units

The features are as follows:

Rational self-alignment
Large load carrying capacity
Long service life
Efficient sealing
Bearing can be locked on the shaft easily
Special heat treatment for bearing rings
Unique design to prevent bearing OR rotation
Interchangeability between bearing and housing
Easy installation