Automotive Bearings and Accessories

Automotive bearings, also called automobile bearings, are an important part of automotive components, and play a role in supporting parts and reducing mechanical friction. Therefore, the performance of such bearings will directly affect the operation and service life of automobiles. At present, with the development of the modern automobile industry and the rapid expansion of the automobile sales market, the automobile industry has an increasing demand for spare parts such as bearings required for automobile production and maintenance. Generally, more than 100 to 150 bearings are used on each car. ISUTAMI has the ability to supply a variety of bearings and related accessories that make cars safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. The products include durable high-quality hub bearings, tensioners and sprocket wheels that use advanced technology, and other transmission gear bearings that make shifting smoother, softer, and less lossy. In addition, we also support product customization to meet the specific needs of different customers.