Project Description

ungound bearing

Unground bearing is a kind of rolling ball bearing, also known as a stamped steel ball bearing or conveyor ball bearings for use with rollers. It is generally composed of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, stamped body and cage. The bearings are available both in flanged and straight-faced styles, and some inner bores are designed with stop ring or flange, so it is easy to locate axially and install. The unground ball bearing is a non-precision, slow speed bearing, which is usually installed on both sides of the conveyor roller for transporting products. The bearings are ideal in both gravity and powered applications at low to medium speeds and offer the least rolling resistance, lower energy consumption, and a greener option. Generally, steel shields or polymer seals are used on both sides for pollution protection. Bearings can be greased, lightly oiled or dry. We can provide customers with stable quality conveyor ball bearings, including metric and inch sizes, as well as one-stop sales services.

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