Project Description

Thrust ball bearing

Thrust ball bearings are separable, including a shaft washer (fit with journal), a housing washer (fit with bearing block), a group of steel balls and a cage, this makes it very convenient to fit with a journal and bearing block respectively. Thrust ball bearings generally have different structures and can be divided into one-way thrust ball bearings, two-way thrust ball bearings and angular contact thrust ball bearings. The one-way thrust ball bearings can only bear unidirectional axial force, and the two-way thrust ball bearings can bear bidirectional axial force. Both one-way and two-way thrust ball bearings cannot withstand radial forces. Special attention should be paid to the working speed and bearing load during design selection. Especially when the working speed is relatively high, certain axial force shall be maintained to prevent the steel ball from sliding radially under the centrifugal force and thus causing early damage. We can provide customers with standard types of thrust ball bearings, including metric and inch sizes, and offer a one-stop sales service.

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