Project Description

stainless steel pillow block bearing

Both the bearing housing and insert bearing of the stainless steel pillow block bearing are made of stainless steel materials, this type of mounted bearing has advantages of self-aligning, repeated lubrication, good dust-proof sealing, easy installation and disassembly, etc., to achieve high strength and precision features. Also, the surface of such bearing housing is generally rust-proof plated, polymer sealing rings on both sides of the bearing, and a mirror steel cover is added. Compared with cast iron types, while ensuring wear resistance, it also has the advantages of corrosion resistance and cleanliness. Because of these features, stainless steel pillow block bearings are widely applied in industrial fields such as food and beverage production machinery, packaging machinery, medical equipment, high-speed machine tools, printing machinery and chemical machinery, etc.
We can provide customers with standard specifications of stainless steel pillow block bearings, including metric and inch sizes, and offer one-stop sales services.

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