Project Description

plastic pillow block bearing

The bearing housings of plastic pillow block bearings are made of high-temperature resistant polymer materials, and they can be interchangeable with conventional cast iron housings in similar sizes. The insert bearings are usually made of stainless steel. The whole bearing unit has the characteristics of resistance to certain high and low temperatures, certain rigidity, great corrosion resistance, light weight and easy installation and disassembly. In addition, the surface of plastic housing does not require coating or plating, and the surface is smoothed by machining to avoid the growth of mold and bacteria caused by dust and water. This is a unit specifically designed for cleaning, and is much more hygienic than cast iron type. Plastic pillow block bearings can run dry, wet or fully submerged. Because of these characteristics, they are currently used in many industries, including food processing, medical equipment, packaging machinery, chemical processing machinery, and pool and marine applications. We can provide customers the standard type of plastic pillow block bearings, including metric and inch sizes, and offer one-stop sales services.

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