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plastic ball bearing

Plastic ball bearings refer to plastic radial ball bearings, especially plastic deep groove ball bearings, which can be made of POM plastic, PA plastic and PP plastic. And POM and PA materials have better mechanical strength and abrasion resistance, suitable for making precision plastic bearings. their working temperature is -60℃ – 100 ℃, and have higher strength and smooth surface, rarely have tension. With their good self-lubrication and low coefficient of friction, the POM and PA plastic ball bearing can be applied to higher precision and speed operation. POM plastic bearings are the most widely used among all of the plastic bearings. Generally, POM is used for the bearing ring material, nylon 66 (PA66) is for the retainer material, and the ball material can be plastic, glass, stainless steel or ceramic. This type of bearing performs well in alkaline environments but is not suitable in acidic corrosive conditions. In summary, plastic bearings have the following advantages:

1. Good rigidity and high hardness, high impact strength even at low temperature;
2. Excellent elasticity and good creep resistance;
3. High heat stability and good dimensional stability;
4. Physiological inertness, suitable for contact with food.

Plastic bearings have a wide range of applications, mainly used in mechanical and electrical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture decoration. We can provide customers with conventional plastic ball bearings, including metric and inch sizes, and offer a one-stop sales service.

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