Project Description

Linear Shaft Support Block

Linear shaft support blocks are used for end or intermittent support, in which case the load is light. Generally, the material of the shaft support block is aluminum or steel. The aluminum shaft support block is lighter and more corrosion-resistant than steel one, and the steel shaft support block can provide a more robust installation system. Customers can purchase this kind of product according to different needs. Unlike shaft support rails, the support blocks do not allow the longitudinal passage of open type ball bearings. Shaft support blocks can clamp linear shafts tightly, maintain and strengthen the shaft position stably by fixing with the bolts. Gaskets are recommended in high-precision applications to eliminate the effects of surface changes on the base or manufacturing tolerances between the supports.

ISUTAMI can provide horizontal or vertical shaft support blocks in standard specifications with special surface treatments. We can also design shaft support blocks of special size or structure to meet customer requirements.

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