Project Description

Linear Shaft and Support Rail

Linear Shaft

Linear shaft is an important component for guiding linear bearings in the linear motion system and is generally used in conjunction with linear bearing blocks and linear shaft supports. Linear shafts are generally divided into solid and hollow types. The conventional accuracy can be g5, h5, g6, h6. The linear motion system requires the linear shaft to have necessary conditions: low maintenance costs, the use of strictly selected durable materials, high-frequency heat treatment, accurate outer diameter dimensions, roundness, straightness, and good surface treatment. Generally, linear shafts are used in linear motion systems such as printers, automatic cutters, and industrial robots.

Standard linear shaft: Its main material is bearing steel. As the way that it contacts with the linear bearings is point-to-surface, the surface hardness of the shaft is very high, so the material and heat treatment method are very important.

Chrome-plated linear shaft: A layer of hard chrome is plated on the surface of standard linear shafts, which can be used in complex environments that lead to rust. This kind of shaft is widely used in industrial robots, moving parts of an automatic sliding system.

Standard hollow shaft: Due to the characteristics of the hollow structure, the hollow shaft is greatly weight reduced. Its interior is suitable for penetrating the measuring wire, compressing air, adding lubricating oil, or for robotic arms.

Chrome-plated hollow shaft: A layer of chromium is plated on the surface of a standard hollow shaft made of bearing steel, to increase wear resistance and rust resistance.

Stainless steel linear shaft: It has high corrosion resistance and wears resistance to maintain the efficient running performance of linear bearings. It can be used in places where oxidation is easy to occur, such as water, chemicals, steam, seawater, etc.

ISUTAMI can provide precision linear shaft in a variety of specifications, including imperial and metric sizes, with different accuracy ranges, materials and surface treatments.

Support Rail

The support rail is a linear support unit with a linear shaft on it. Generally, the support rail is designed as an inverted T-shape, which is used for continuous shafting support, and can be applied horizontally or vertically. The material of the support rail is aluminum alloy, and its surface can be plated. This kind of support rail with shaft is generally combined with open type linear bearing blocks. Shaft support rails simplify the shaft installation and eliminate many issues encountered in designing and manufacturing custom shaft support devices. In addition, the unlimited travel lengths and mounting hole flexibility make the support rail suitable for a wide range of applications. Compared to square linear guide rail, it is easier to align and maintain alignment using linear round support rail.

ISUTAMI can custom support rails that meet customer needs according to their drawings, with or without pre-installed holes. Customers can also choose precision linear shafts of different materials or different surface treatments, and cut them to special length.

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