Project Description

linear bearing block

Linear bearing blocks are pillow blocks mounted with linear bearings, also called linear bearing housings or mounted linear bearings. Generally, they are combined with cylindrical shafts and shaft supports to form a low-cost, high-mechanical linear motion system. Generally, the bearing housing is made of aluminum alloy and processed by electroplating after processing. It has strong corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Linear bearing housings are standardized products and have corresponding accuracy requirements. They can easily meet customer requirements of interchangeability in assembly or maintenance. In addition, the bearing pillow block with linear ball bearing runs smoothly and quickly, with high mechanical efficiency. However, its load is small, the noise is high at high speed, the structure is complicated, and there are certain maintenance costs in the later stage.

Linear bearing blocks are widely used in precision equipment such as electronic equipment, tensile testing machines and digital 3D coordinate measuring equipment, as well as industrial machinery such as multi-axis machine tools, punching machines, tool grinders, printers, food packaging machines.

We guarantee our linear bearing block a ‘just-right fit’ thanks to the broadest standard product offering and our ability to do quick modified-standard and complete custom solutions.

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