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ceramic ball bearing

Ceramic ball bearings refer to radial ceramic ball bearings, especially ceramic deep groove ball bearings, is a typical example of engineering ceramics widely used in industrial fields. Among the high-speed precision bearings, hybrid ceramic ball bearings are used the most, that is, the rolling elements are hot-pressed Si3N4 ceramic balls, and bearing rings are still made of steel materials. This kind of bearing has a high degree of standardization, small changes to the structure of the machine tool, easy maintenance, and is especially suitable for high-speed operation. The high-speed electric spindle assembled with ceramic ball bearings has the advantages of high speed, high rigidity, high power and long life. The inner and outer ring of such bearing are made of bearing steel or stainless steel, with ceramic balls, PA66 or stainless steel retainer, polymer seal ring or metal dust shield, and filled with moderate high-temperature grease. Compared with ordinary metal bearings, the advantages of ceramic ball bearings are:

1. Higher temperature resistance, smaller thermal expansion coefficient, the operating temperature can reach more than 220℃;
2. Smaller coefficient of friction, ceramic ball bearing has a 1.5 times higher speed;
3. Longer life, ceramic ball bearings can work without any grease, so it can avoid premature bearing damage caused by grease lack for steel bearings, the service life of bearings after using ceramic balls is 2-3 times that of ordinary bearings;
4. Insulation, as ceramic balls are insulators, bearings using ceramic balls can insulate the inner and outer rings. This allows the bearing to be used in a conductive environment;
5. Corrosion resistance, oxidation and corrosion resistance in a corrosive environment.

Ceramic ball bearings are very suitable for maintaining high precision and long-term operation under high speed, high temperature, corrosion and radiation conditions. They are popularly applied in CNC machine tools and high-speed precision machinery, like high-speed electric spindle bearings, machine tool spindle bearings, dental drill bearings, and instrument bearings, etc. We can provide customers with standard ceramic ball bearings, including metric and inch sizes, and offer a one-stop sales service.

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