Project Description

cast iron pillow block bearing

Cast iron pillow block bearing is the most commonly used mounted bearing unit. Its bearing housing is made of cast iron. Generally, cast iron is divided into gray cast iron type and ductile cast iron type. Gray cast iron has a low melting point, small shrinkage during solidification, compressive strength and hardness close to carbon steel, good shock absorption and good wear resistance; Ductile cast iron has higher strength, better toughness and greater plasticity than gray cast iron. The base of the cast iron bearing housing can be divided into two kinds: solid type and hollow type. Customers can choose different cast iron type according to the using conditions. Usually, the solid base is more stable. Besides, according to customer’s requirements, the surface of the housing will be painted, galvanized and other surface treated.

Cast iron pillow block bearings are available with a variety of shaft locking options, including set screws, eccentric locking collars, concentric locking collars, adapters. The mounted bearing can be with a dust shield or sealing structure. Cast iron pillow block bearings can be divided into light, medium and heavy types according to different loading capacity. They are widely applied in light industry or heavy industry, including agricultural machinery, construction machinery, textile machinery, food processing machinery and conveyor belt systems. We can provide customers with cast iron pillow block bearings in standard specification, including metric and inch sizes, with painting, electroplate or other surface treatments, and provide one-stop sales services.

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