Project Description

Ball Transfer Unit

Ball transfer unit(BTU) is a kind of non-powered device to get transmission. It is mainly composed of a housing, a big rolling ball and seals. Objects can be transported in any direction on the ball units. The materials used to make the housing can be bearing steel with plating, stainless steel, and reinforced nylon, etc. The materials of the ball can be bearing steel and stainless steel. This product is usually used to transport flat and smooth objects such as pallets.

The ball transfer unit has the characteristics of easy installation, flexible transmission, reliable performance and simple maintenance. Objects can slide very flexibly on a platform composed of ball transfer units, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers. According to different loading requirements, the distribution density of units can be set as per detailed requirements, and units with different load capacities can also be selected. Ball transfer unit is widely used for pipeline delivery, transition, turning and other applications, such as transmission machinery, processing machinery and packaging machinery, etc.

ISUTAMI offers regular size products, including inch and metric specifications, we can also customize according to customers’ requirements.

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