Project Description

adapter sleeve and withdrawal sleeve

Adapter sleeve and withdrawal sleeve are the most common components for bearings with tapered bores when positioning on a cylindrical shaft. The sleeves can be applied on round shafts or stepped shafts.

An adapter sleeve is primarily composed of an adapter bushing, a lock nut, a lock washer. When an adapter sleeve is used, the bearing can be positioned anywhere on the round shaft. When it is used together with a stepped ring on a stepped shaft, the bearing can be accurately positioned axially, which also facilitates the withdrawal of the bearing.

A withdrawal sleeve can mount a tapered bore bearing on a round stepped shaft. Generally, the withdrawal sleeve is pressed into a bearing inner bore to fix it on the shaft through a fiber web or end plate. For larger bearings, when the withdrawal sleeve is pressed against the bearing bore, a larger force is required to overcome the friction of the mating surface. Hydraulic installation can simplify this process a withdraw sleeve.

The design purpose of the adapter sleeve and withdrawal sleeve is to facilitate the installation and disassembly, improve efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost of the machine. They have good self-locking properties and are also used in heavy-duty transmission or shock vibration applications. Adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves are widely applied in the textile industry, papermaking industry, metallurgy industry, belt transportation and conveyor equipment industries. ISUTAMI provides sleeves in standard specifications, and also customizes to the customer’s requirements.

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