Project Description

Sprocket wheel

Sprocket wheel, also called chain wheel, is a wheel with a cog-type sprocket, which is for meshing with the nodal link. The sprocket teeth must ensure that the chain link will be into and out of the mesh smoothly, to minimize the impact and contact stress during meshing. In addition, the sprocket wheel should be guaranteed that its teeth have sufficient strength and wear resistance, so the tooth surface is generally heat-treated to get a certain hardness.

The sprocket is not only with high installing precision in the applications but also has very good machining accuracy, which saves a lot of trouble for future maintenance work. Moreover, its compact structure makes it have a large transmission ratio, and it has a long service life.

Sprocket wheel is an important component for automobile engines. While it is also widely used in the chemical industry, textile machinery, escalator, wood processing, 3D parking garage, agricultural machinery, food processing, instrumentation and other more industries.

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