Project Description

Linear Guide Rail

Linear guide rail, also known as linear slide rail, is used to support and guide moving parts aka. a linear slider or rail carriage to perform reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. It can bear a certain torque and can achieve high-precision linear motion at high loads. Linear guide rails can be divided into three types: square(profile) guide rail, two-axis roller guide rail, and round guide rail.

The square linear guide rail uses the rolling balls as the guide element. The steel ball rolls circularly and infinitely between the slider and the guide rails, so that the slider can easily make high-precision linear movement along the rail and reduce the friction coefficient to one-fifth of a usual traditional sliding guide. The square guide rail can outperform round guide rail in specific circumstances that demand higher rigidity and more compactness in terms of load capacity relative to size. In general, profile guide rail offers higher load capacity, accuracy and stiffness, and a longer life expectancy. This product has a high load capacity and is mainly used in mechanical structures with high accuracy requirements, such as medical machinery, measuring instruments, etc.

The two-axis roller linear guide rail, with a high-speed, the slider and several V/ U shaped grooved wheels are integrated. Double axis guide rail is divided into inner clamp type and outer clamp type double axis. For the outer clamp type, the guide wheels on the slider are fixed outside the two round shafts of the guide rail, and for the inner clamp type, the guide wheels on the slider are fixed between the two shafts.

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The grooves on both sides of the guide rail are mounted with linear shafts, which are matched with V-shaped or U-shaped guide wheels, and are used for guiding and fixing sliding parts with wheels. This kind of guide rail comes low noise, dust-proof, high-speed and smooth operation, easy installation and replacement, as well as long life. It can be applied in harsh environments and is widely used in food processing and packaging machinery, textile machinery, etc.

The round linear guide rail is mainly composed of an open type linear bearing with housing and a shaft support rail to get linear movement. Compared with the square linear guide rail, its load capacity is smaller, but the manufacturing cost and maintenance cost is much lower, the installation and replacement are simple. At present, it is mainly used in automated machinery.

ISUTAMI has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with domestic high-quality linear guide rail factories, and can supply standard linear guide rails of specific lengths at competitive prices.