Project Description

Belt Pulley

Belt pulleys are generally large in size and manufactured by casting and forging processes. The larger sized belt pulley is designed for casting, its material is usually the cast iron; the smaller sized is designed for forging, and its material is steel.

The advantages of belt pulleys are:

1. Alleviate load impact;
2. Smooth running, low noise and low vibration;
3. Simple structure and easy adjustment;
4. Manufacturing and installation accuracy is not as strict as that of meshing transmission;
5. Overload protection function;
6. Large adjustment range of the center distance between the two shafts of transmission.

The belt pulley, especially the timing belt pulley, is mainly used for power transmission over long distances, such as the output of small diesel engines, agricultural machinery, automobiles, mining machinery, machining equipment, textile machinery, packaging machinery, etc. ISUTAMI provides standard specifications of belt pulleys and can also support customers to customize products with special materials, sizes and special structures.

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