Project Description

agricultural bearing

Agricultural bearing is a kind of rolling ball bearing with special sealing structure, which is mainly composed of steel balls, a retainer, an inner ring and an outer ring. It is specially designed according to farming machinery with large load transmissions, such as disc plow and disc harrow, and has triple lip sealing dust-proof structure. Generally, agricultural bearings are divided into three types according to the shape of the bore: round bore bearing, square bore bearing and hex bore bearing. Their outer ring will have different widths based on the installation situation. These bearings can be lubricated or non-lubricated. Sometimes they can be housed in two pieces of riveted stamped steel housings to form a pre-lubricated bearing unit, such as a square stamped steel mounted bearing unit.

ISUTAMI can provide conventional items of agricultural bearings, and also do customized services to provide agricultural machinery manufacturers with cost-effective products.

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