With the improvement of people’s aesthetic demands, the printing industry is gradually emerging recently. There are many types of printing equipment, and bearing products is an integral part of them. Due to the corrosive and dusty working environment for the printing machines, they are required to be routinely maintained, like replacing printing nozzles. Accordingly, it requires the related bearing product to have a long service life and easy maintenance feature. In addition, another significant requirement for printing equipment is high operational accuracy. Especially with the popularity of 3D printers, which requires their bearing parts with high precision and low vibration.

The Isutami Solutions Team is dedicated to providing our printing equipment manufacturers with premium quality matching products as well as effective solutions. We also customize specific bearing products required by different customers, to try our best to meet the various needs of our customers.

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The specialty services from Isutami Solutions:

Bearing & Condition Analysis
Comprehensive Design Engineering
Complete Bearing & Component Manufacturing
Bearing & Component Modification
Products Qualification Testing

The qualification from you:

Space Requirements
Performance Needs
Environmental Conditions
Detailed Quality Specifications

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