Packaging machinery is developing simultaneously with the emergence of new packaging materials and the continuous evolution of packaging technology. The emergence of various commodities has put higher requirements on the corresponding packaging equipment. At the same time, packaging machinery is playing an increasingly important role in the field of commodity transmission. With the fierce competition in the packaging industry, highly automated, intelligent, multi-functional, high-efficiency and low-consumption packaging equipment is more and more favored, meanwhile, the automation degree of the packaging process is getting higher.

Now, packaging machinery is mainly divided into the following four types according to different purposes:

Filling machine, a machine that fills a product into a packaging container in a predetermined amount. This type of machine is mainly used for the filling of liquid products and small granule products, such as cola and beer.

Sealing machine, a machine that seals a container filled with a product. Generally, after the product packed in a packaging container, in order to maintain its quality and avoid loss, the packaging container needs to be sealed. This operation is completed on the sealing machine.

Wrapping machine, a machine that uses flexible packaging materials to completely or partially wrap products.

Multi-function packaging machine, a machine that can complete two or more packaging processes step by step.

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The bearing products applied in packaging machinery mainly play the general functions of transmission, extrusion, and support. High-quality packaging machinery bearings are required to be able to work stably for a long time with high accuracy, and large loading capacity, sometimes it needs to have anti-corrosion function for special environments.

The Isutami Solutions Team has rich experience in the design, development and production of packaging machinery bearings. Our technical team and partner factories work together to provide cost-effective standard specifications or special customized bearing products according to customer requirements and delivery deadlines.

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