The machine tool is the equipment that specially used in processing the metal parts with high precision and fine surface roughness. Generally, the main bearing transmission components that make up a machine tool include motor bearings, ball screws, and linear guides. Because of high standard work requirements, the machine tool is characterized by high machining accuracy, superior rigidity, stable operation, and premium efficiency. These features require the bearing products installed in machine tools to have high precision, high speed and rigidity, and long service time. Moreover, bearings that are easy to lubricate and have good sealing properties will be more conducive to routine maintenance. CNC machine tool is a representative kind of high-performance machine tool and widely used in various production lines.

The Isutami Solutions Team has a complete bearing product supply chain for machine tools, which includes high-precision rolling bearings and linear motion products, such as EMQ grade ball bearings, linear ball bearings, precision balls screws, linear guides. The products with friction control technology as their core for various machine tool processing and maintenance. For the challenging problems raised by different customers, we can quickly provide corresponding solutions, recommend and design suitable specification bearing products.

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The specialty services from Isutami Solutions:

Bearing & Condition Analysis
Comprehensive Design Engineering
Complete Bearing & Component Manufacturing
Bearing & Component Modification
Products Qualification Testing

The qualification from customers:

Space Requirements
Performance Needs
Environmental Conditions
Detailed Quality Specifications

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