Household appliances are widely used in our life. The huge demand has given birth to a complete consumer market for household appliances. Inside home appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators, the electric motors play an extremely important role as their heart parts. Meanwhile, the precision bearing is a key component of the motor.

EMQ deep groove ball bearings are widely applied. According to the requirements of different household appliances, C0 level clearance is required, the noise and vibration levels should exceed Z3V3.

The Isutami Solutions Team cooperates with domestic quality bearing manufacturers for household appliances. For the challenging problems raised by different customers, we can quickly provide corresponding solutions, recommend and design suitable specification bearing products.

household appliance industry

The specialty services from Isutami Solutions:

Bearing & Condition Analysis
Comprehensive Design Engineering
Complete Bearing & Component Manufacturing
Bearing & Component Modification
Products Qualification Testing

The qualification from customers:

Space Requirements
Performance Needs
Environmental Conditions
Detailed Quality Specifications

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