Food and beverage industry is a special production industry, we need to fully consider the sanitation and safety in the production process. Food and beverage production equipment are mainly divided into processing type and packaging type, and they are both challenged by harsh environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures, excessive moisture, and contamination during production. Therefore, the bearing products applied in these devices are required to be made of stainless steel materials or thermoplastic material, and designed in specially sealed structure, maintained with food grade lubricants, to ensure long service life and stable performance under such special circumstances.

The Isutami Solutions Team keeps focusing on various customers’ demands for high speed, high accuracy, safety, resistance to corrosion and easy maintenance of the machines. We provide fast and turnkey solutions to severe challenges faced by different customers, and offer both standard and custom bearing products in specific materials.

food and beverage industry

The specialty services from Isutami Solutions:

Bearing & Condition Analysis
Comprehensive Design Engineering
Complete Bearing & Component Manufacturing
Bearing & Component Modification
Products Qualification Testing

The requirements from customers:

Space Requirements
Performance Needs
Environmental Conditions
Detailed Quality Specifications

Recommended Bearing Products:

Ceramic Ball Bearing
Plastic Ball Bearing
Linear Bearing
Linear Guide Rail
Ball Screw Assembly
Ball Transfer Unit
Stainless Steel Ball Bearing
Stainless Steel Insert Bearing
Stainless Steel Pillow Block Bearing
Plastic Pillow Block Bearing
Belt Pulley

Recommended Products