Conveyors, as the main machinery for conveying raw materials or packed products, are widely applied in the fields of industrial production and engineering operations.

According to the different transfer operation models, conveyors can be mainly divided into belt conveyors, roller conveyors, mesh belt conveyors and chain conveyors, etc. Among them, the belt conveyor has the advantages such as large conveying capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance and components standardization. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries. Ball bearing plays an important part in conveyors, especially the deep groove ball bearing and the unground ball bearing. These kinds of bearings are required to be stable in the dusty, wet and heavy loading conditions, as well as have long service time.

The Isutami Solutions Team cooperates with China top conveyor bearing manufacturers for a decade. We supply customers with standard specification products, or customize new bearing products according to customers’ design as well as other specific requirements. Moreover, with the transmission industry experience, we are able to provide satisfactory turnkey solutions.

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The specialty services from Isutami Solutions:

Bearing & Condition Analysis
Comprehensive Design Engineering
Complete Bearing & Component Manufacturing
Bearing & Component Modification
Products Qualification Testing

The qualification from customers:

Space Requirements
Performance Needs
Environmental Conditions
Detailed Quality Specifications

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