In the statistics of the conveyor bearings suppliers, it is found that 80% of the failure of bearings in the industry is related to improper lubrication, and the failure caused by improper

lubrication is almost inevitable. The main causes of failure are as follows:

1. Irrational lubrication, accounting for 43%. (1) The amount, period, type and viscosity of bearing grease are not applicable. (2) Improper addition and replacement of bearing grease.
2. Unreasonable bearing storage, accounting for 27%. Improper operation in calibration, working environment, general operation, bearing inventory control, etc.
3. Other factors related to lubrication account for 21%. (1) Oil separation occurs at the time of inventory. (2) Exceeding the temperature limit; (3) Water pollution; (4) Other pollution.
3. Natural failure of bearings, accounting for 9%. From the above major causes of bearing failure, we can know two points: among the 80% of the reasons, improper selection and operation of bearing grease are the main causes of bearing failure. So what are we going to do?

The conveyor bearings suppliers’ suggestion is to select and use bearing grease, taking full account of the operating environment, operating conditions, bearing material, as well as internal and external conditions. (1) Operating environment, such as water, chemical media, dust, etc. (2) Operating conditions, such as high-speed, high-low temperature, heavy load extreme pressure, etc. (3) Bearing materials, such as: copper, silver, steel, plastic and other metal and non-metal materials compatible; (4) Both external and internal environment should be considered to effectively avoid lubrication problems and ensure the service life and efficiency of bearings.